Surf learning frequently asked questions

8 questions to learn surf in Bidart

What’s your registration policy with under eighteen kids ?

We register the under ten years old only registered and accompanied by their parents or an adult who should be near the beach during the class. Our liability is carried during the class only.
Ten to eighten years old should be registered by an adult.

Do you supply surf equipment ?

Yes we supply your neoprene wetsuit in any season.
In summer, for safety reasons, collective classes are given with the school’s soft boards, unless you bring your own softboard you might want to use.
Off season, you are most welcome to bring your surfboard if you have a favorite one, or buy one locally, taking advantage of our technical consulting. Guaranteed progress !!!
We also put to use our own quiver : longboards, single fins, thrusters, guns, etc…shaped by the finest.

How long does the surfclass last ?

Grommets class (under ten years old old) : one hour
Kahunas class (over ten years old) : one and a half hour.
In summer time, we operate directly from the beach. No transportation.
Please show up fifteen mins before the class so you can gear up.

May I start my course any time during the week ?

Yes, in summer, you can start any day of the week.
This way you will often be with classmates who are a little bit more advanced and have a bit more autonomy. This lets the instructor more space to care about the « beginner of the day » and you will rapidly progress.
Off season, please contact the Surf School and we’ll organize your stay around your possibilities.

In which case is surfing contridicated ?

In case of heart, respiratory and heavy back problems, you might want to choose another sport.
If in doubt, please see your physician and get him to testify you have no contridication to surfing.
Whatever, you will follow the class at your own rythm and will take breaks as you feel you need.

How safe is the class ?

Our surf instructors are very experienced, fully licensed as lifesavers and know the beach “Plage du Centre de Bidart” and the currents perfectly . They show, explain, and guide.
In summer time, all classes are given at low tide, meaning you have water up to your waist when you launch on your first waves.
Our gear is fully secured, however, you will have to carefully comply with the safety instructions given by your instructor.

Does the Surfschool carry an insurance ?

Yes, during the surf class you are fully insured. Since we are associated to the French surfing Association Label, you are fully covered by the FFS insurance, affiliated to one of the largest insurance company in France.
However, you might have or want to have a complementary insurance.

And what about lousy weather ?

We cancel our classes in case of extreme marine conditions, to the sole appreciation of the instructors.
We also cancel in case of dead flat conditions (very rare, remember we’re in the Bay of Biscay), and red flag (heavy surf, pollution).
We postpone cancelled classes on another time slot, including Sunday, and reimburse if you have to leave.